About this blog

Where to start…

I had thought about starting a travel blog for a little while, ever since it became more and more apparent that travelling was fast becoming one of our favourite things to do.

We started our mini adventures back in 2015 with our first ever holiday just the two of us, before this we had only been to Ibiza with 7 other friends. This first holiday to Oslo came from the suggestion of Nick, I was just happy to go with the flow after some initial ‘worrier’ concerns. You see my holidays had consisted of ‘sun’ holidays mostly in Spain, Majorca and Tenerife. To me this was my definition of a holiday, the big 3 – sun, sea and a beach. A holiday to Europe had never occurred to me as something I would have been interested in.

I am glad I was so wrong, my whole perception has now been entirely changed. I would now take a four day mini holiday over two weeks in a sun holiday resort.

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Welcome Let’s go on holiday

A big and hearty hello to anyone reading this, my first post. I’m going to get straight to the point and try not to waffle on too much… why am I starting this blog? and now?

Over the last few years me and my boyfriend, Nick, have been on a bit of a European tour/holiday indulgence. So far in 2 short years we have visited Iceland, Italy, Estonia, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and back again while always planning our next trip.

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