Where do I start! We had a great world wind tour of Amsterdam over the Easter bank holiday in April 2017. With only 3 days to see all the sights we knew we would have to do some planning to get the most out of our time there and to be honest I think we packed in quite a lot!

So here is day two…

Day 2 – Drinking day

Heading out from the hotel after getting in at a silly late time we headed straight for the tram to take us down the way to the Heineken museum. Having never been to a brewery, again I had no expectations. As it turned out it was quite good fun, there was the history of the brand as well as interactive sections.

Our favourite was, as you can see below, a photo booth adding you into a range of Heineken themed photos! Second behind this was riding through ‘Amsterdam’ on fake bikes with a video of all the main sights to see – while being recorded to send to yourself to watch later. This video will stay just for our eyes as its hilariously embarassing and Nick hadn’t realised it recorded you.


At the end of the tour was the gift shop to have your own engraved mini glass – just small enough to wrap up in your suitcase to travel home. You could then walk upstairs to the top floor to the bar using your two tokens for free beer, a comfy sit down and views over Amsterdam.


After our fill of beer we made our way in search of the I AM AMSTERDAM sign. As you can expect this was extremely busy, with people everywhere. Not only do you get in a million photos and have to wait your turn to run up – take your photo and walk away before being nudged away but you also have to be aware for people climbing on top of the letters!

This being said we did get some great photos with the letters but ingenious me found a great way to get a clearer image… Tip – Take a picture from the other side and flip the image! Simple! go to the back take your selfie (as there are less people behind) and flip the photo afterwards.

When we were done with the crowds we made our way round the corner to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. We were sat by the window so could watch the canal tours drive by while sipping our cocktails – well we are on holiday.

After lunch the rain had started to fall meaning a quick walk to the Anne frank museum. We had booked our tickets beforehand and I have never been happier we did, when we got there we headed straight for the ‘pre-booked’ area walking past the enormous queue which was growing in size while we were there.

The Anne Frank museum only allows general admission after 3pm

Before 3pm they only allow entry to pre-booked tickets. So backtrack two months beforehand the latest Anne Frank museum tickets were released so we could book before we went, with this now all sorted we would just need to book the Heineken tour closer to the time. Everyone who had gone before had told us of the giant queues which we hadn’t fully grasped until we arrived at the Anne Frank museum on the Sunday. Before we went in we though the queue was excessive but little did we know that not only would it get worse but that it would track back on itself round the corner!


You are not allowed to take photos inside and with good reason, it is such a moving and important place you would miss the story they are showing you. You essentially walk through the house with your audio tour room by room. There is silence when you walk through the bookcase into the hidden part of the house, out of respect. You see just how they were living and then find out the story of what happened when they were found out.

After coming out of the building we just walked around for a little while and relaxed on one of the many canal tours showing you the sights.

We walked round the Red light district again that night and visited the museum dedicated to the area. After seeing people the night before leaning out of windows laughing we didn’t really know what to expect but as a former house rooms were left as they would have been with stories and facts. You soon get the real story of the red light district and just how dangerous it can be, to me the aim is to show you what it is like and how would you feel in that position. One part inside screens project what you would see looking out from one the rooms such as men looking in and shouting things to you, as a woman I didn’t appreciate it. I know most choose the life they have but the museum makes you aware there are still a percentage where this was not their choice. It’s not all opinion changing as there are also lighthearted parts such as near the end there are notes of people secrets.

Blog - Sign off

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