Where do I start! We had a great world wind tour of Amsterdam over the Easter bank holiday in April 2017. With only 3 days to see all the sights we knew we would have to do some planning to get the most out of our time there and to be honest I think we packed in quite a lot!

There was just one thing I would have loved to see which was the tulip fields. Had we had an extra day we would have gone but time was short for us this time.

Day 1 – Lets explore

Our first morning was filled with popping on the train at the airport getting into central station and making our way to the hotel to drop off our bags. Then it was off to the Artis Zoo for our favourite pastime of animal spotting. Despite the weather over the weekend being rain showers on and off this didn’t make a difference.

When it began to rain we just made our way inside to the aquarium or the butterfly house which actually turned out to be pretty good as we could take some great shots close up.

By the time we made it back into the centre we could then check in to our room. Opening the door we were quite amazed at our split levelled room, an overload of brown and cream I admit, but it was clean and finished well.

A quick sit down to get sorted and we were off out again to the infamous Sex museum which to be brutally honest, despite it being good it was too all over the place and I had expected more such as a few more giggles and a few more interesting bits (pardon the pun). Quite a few of the exhibits were just a series photographs from the 70’s at least!

But all we could think of is somebody out there knows these people! I think I had expected more sex memorabilia if that’s the word, the sheer busyness and the awkward layout didn’t help matters either as you could never tell which room you had been in! The part I will remember most though will be the giant penis bench on one of the upper floors a must see for any mature adult.

That night after a few cocktails we felt it was time to find The Red light district which by luck would have it was handily marked on our map. Now we had heard from a few people what it was like but I don’t think you really know what to expect until you’re on your second loop around the red lighted doors.

Blog - Sign off

Read day two here.

Read day three here.


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