It has been 5 months since my last post and to be honest I was playing catch up to our travels then, let alone now!

Since my last post we have visited Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Tromso which were all simply amazing and also yet to be written I have all our travels from March last year to date! Help!

Adding to this is all my other ideas which haven’t made their way to the paper as it were may mean a little catch up is needed.

So what have I been doing?

Well life has just gotten in the way, just before October 2017 we were in full flow buying our first house together – big stuff! But this excitement was short lived as I was made suddenly made redundant from my job with no warning, the Monday morning after we got back from our week long trip to Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava leaving the whole trip on a sour note.

Come Tuesday morning it was a 7am start searching for jobs and updating my CV after nearly 3 weeks of unbearable uncertainty I can now happily say I have a new job doing something I have always been interested in and really enjoying not only the job but everyone I work with. Our house purchase went through smoothly after securing our mortgage again and at the start of November we moved into our first home together after 5 years living apart.

Since then we have been making our house our home and adding our personal touch to each room – including our travels. We have our large travel map up on the wall and canvas’ of our travels everywhere.

Things do have a funny of working out for the best. So here I am 5 months in our house and ready to take the time needed to carry on with my little blog.

Whats to come? 

Still to be written are so many new travels from 2017 and our most recent to Tromso, Norway which was truly amazing as we saw the Northern lights. So here is coming up one week at a time…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rome, Italy

Nice, France

Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria

Bratislava, Slovakia

Tromso, Norway

Thank you for reading! 

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