Travelling across the bridge to Malmo you definitely do feel like you are entering a completely new place despite only being a short ride away. Do sit on the right side so you can see across the water and at the ships, you can even at points see along the rest of the bridge. The first coach leaves Copenhagen at 10.15am and picks up again in Malmo at 4.15pm, we got into Malmo at just before 11.30am and so had just over 5 hours.

Ebbas hus was first on our plan as I had had a quick search of places to see before we set off, plus it was close by to where the bus drops you off. Although it wasn’t open as it is only open on Wednesdays, we did have a quick peek in the window at the little quaint home full of the original furniture and left just as it would have been years before.

After this we headed straight to the harbour area to see Spectral self container sculpture, we did end up this way again at the end of the day as we had completely missed the Knotted gun which was only on the other side of the road! I think I had expected it to be bigger from photos so would be more obvious.. but clearly not. When at the end of the day we headed back this way looking for the Knotted gun we did eventually find it and took a few photos.

The Turning Torso was next on our plan for the day as we knew it was the furthest out of the main town, so knew it would be best to visit it early to ensure we were back in the right area later for the bus.

Turning Torso

I’ve combined our visits to Malmo museerMalmohus and the Science and maritime museum together as if you buy a ticket for one you get free entry to the other – bargain!

After walking around the Malmohus, which even had an aquarium on the bottom floor we thought we may has well cross the road and visit the technology museum but wasn’t expecting a lot but how wrong could we have been! We were so glad we did as we spent more time in the science museum than we did in Malmohus and can easily say it was well worth the money to visit both.

The science and maritime museum was huge and a lot bigger than it looked from outside. It had a lot of interactive or machines to sit on including a full size submarine placed on the side of the building you could walk through or in Nicks case get stuck in as they are just not built for people of 6ft!

When we left the museum we headed just opposite to Kings park with views to the windmill.We walked from one end to the other and headed back to the main square to get some food before we got back on the bus. My only criticism I would have after using the bus was the little time it leaves you with in Malmo, as we just ran out of time however it did mean some great views from the bridge.

After our visit to Malmo, I’m still glad we went as we love Sweden, however a day was enough. I am sure we missed out on certain things to do but a day was plenty to see all we wanted. 

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