First of all I know it has been 5 months since my last post, plus leaving you all hanging on part 1 of our Copenhagen trip and not following promptly with part 2! Sorry! I will explain in another post but without further delay here is part 2 of our 96 hours in Copenhagen which was actually a year ago, to the day, this week!


Read pt 1 here.

Day 3 – Travelling to Malmo

Read all about our day trip Malmo, Sweden here.

When we got back into Copenhagen we stopped off at the hotel for a well earned sit down and researched places for dinner.

A quick look on tripadvisor brought back a long list of top restaurants but one stuck out to us. If i’m honest a great dessert picture is enough to sway my vote and it didn’t disappoint and neither did our mains.

The place was a little walk from our hotel and took us past the most beautiful space so on our way back to the room we stopped and sat on one of the benches and just watched the lights and people running.

It would be wrong to not mention the many cyclists of Copenhagen which on our tour we were told were more of than in Amsterdam. However this does mean you HAVE to watch out incase you walk into a bike lane by accident as they can zoom!

Day 4 – Homeward bound

Feeling like we had only just arrived, it was time once again to pack our bags and head home. With an afternoon flight we had just enough time to watch the changing of the guard at the Royal palace and take a loonnnng walk up the Round tower.


The round tower was definitely worth the sloping walk up to the top just for the panoramic views over Copenhagen. All the orange roofs and stormy grey clouds together just looked picturesque. We even found a ‘kissing bench’ with a view and obviously partook in a quick peck between walkers going past to the top.

The changing of the guard happens daily at 12pm at the palace and is well worth watching. The traditional marching and band playing creates a spectacle to be seen.

Waiting for the train back to the airport we invested in a couple of donuts just right for the occasion from the station. Our peckish nature urged us for a snack but we just couldn’t miss the chance to enjoy one of these from Krispy Kreme!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed our brief time in both Copenhagen and Malmo. I would have no hesitation of going back to either place, you instantly felt welcome by all and with so much to see and do we couldn’t fit it all in our four days. However to date it was one of the priciest places we have visited .. even more so than Oslo and we thought that would take some beating.

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