New collection of general travel questions all in one place, got a question? Why not email me here.

I promise others will be more in depth, but we’ve got to start somewhere so basic questions first…

What time should I get to the airport?

2 hours as a general rule should allow enough to park the car, shuttle bus in, get through security, get a drink and wait for the gate number to appear, however, if you know an airport is busier allow for extra time.

Luton for example is having some major works done, as well as major traffic delays for shuttle buses, this meant that the 2 hours we had planned for dwindled away very quickly!

How many liquids can I take with me?

Up to 10 liquids in a 20 x 20cm clear bag and each should be no more than 100ml.

This limitation can be trickier for women as most makeup falls into the liquids category. Foundation, primers, gel and liquid eyeliner as well as concealers all must go in your liquids along with any makeup remover – tricky!

What size hand luggage can I bring?

I’ve chosen the two popular budget airlines but you can find most other airlines here on the Bags etc website, which shows dimensions for most to compare. However, if you’re unsure always check the companies website you are flying with.


Hand luggage – 55 x 40 x 20cm

Additional bag? Yes, one under seat bag – 35 x 20 x 20 cms and one duty free carrier bag.


Hand luggage – 56 x 45 x 25cm

Additional bag? Yes, but only if you are an easyJet Plus cardholders, FLEXI fare, Up Front or Extra Legroom customers. Size is – 45cm x 36cm x 20cm.

Do I need to print tickets and documents? 

Typically the way things are going there will be a time when nothing will need to be in physical paper form.

I tend to print travel insurance documents, hotel booking confirmation (for the address) and have copies of our passports but other than this we have moved to digital copies of boarding passes and car parking.

How can I stop my ears from popping?

I often have problems with my ears on take off and landing so after a few trips without, I  now take EarPlanes with me. They simply pop into your ears like ear plugs and help to regulate air pressure and reduces harsh noises.

Boots do their own make, I’ve used both types and couldn’t find a difference, they both work well. My ears still pop occasionally but gently and easily gone.

What do I pack? 

I’m intending to do a blog post of what we bring on a winter and summer holiday so for now I’ll keep it short and sweet.

There is no right or wrong way to pack, some people will bring everything while others are so streamlined and experienced any overpacker would wonder how they survive.

I have overpacker tendencies while Nick is getting so good at streamlining, my general rule I try and stick to is: ‘will I wear it?’ and ‘have I got something to pair it with?’.

Outfits are the way to go, think day to day if you will change for the evening or if you will need warmer clothes to go out in. Plus if it will fit bring it, its better to have it and not need it than the alternative.

Do I pack an umbrella for bad weather? 

Short answer, no, it will use valuable space plus if the weather is meant to be horrible chances are it’ll be cold enough that you’ll already be bringing a coat or jacket. One with a hood should be just enough on its own to stop the majority of rain from soaking you.

If its not meant to be cold then it should be warm enough for rain showers to not last long or to dry clothes fairly quick. Plus walking through most of Europe with an umbrella could be something which is not worth the hassle in busy streets and windy towns.

However, if the rain does get heavier there is usually an abundance of shops, cafes and museums to pop in to or you can buy an umbrella while out there.

Thank you for reading!

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