Just a quick search of Travel on Instagram or Twitter and you are bombarded with beautiful scenery, landscapes and far away places.


It is so easy to compare to others on social media, not only for travel, but everything. It is only since starting my blog, that it is hard not to think maybe my posts won’t be funny enough, interesting enough or even seen by anyone.

Will all the hours and effort I have put into my blog be worth it?

Each time I look at all the amazing photographs and popular travel websites I can’t help but think back to my tiny little blog and instantly start being a ‘Debbie downer’ on what feels like a pitiful 9 countries we’ve visited together. I then feel like we are also ‘uncultured swines’ as we don’t know an awful lot about the history of the places we have been let alone the fact that we have focused only on visiting Europe at the moment.

My Instagram feed

One of my friends is one of these people I find myself comparing our travels too. She fully immerses herself into the country and culture. She has travelled more places than I can remember and is currently in Canada (she will twig its her now) after being in New Zealand before that. I believe that her adventures and stories would be a much more interesting read. I can’t help but think people would much rather read about exciting places such as New Zealand than me writing about our travels.

Maddys amazing Instagram

It’s the self doubt of how interesting is your writing style, your travels and you as a person, this along with trying to gain and keep readers and followers on all social media is difficult. However it has been the daily running of my Instagram account that I have found harder than my blog! My first hurdle was that my first account was shadow banned as I was signed up to an app which could post for you, I never used it for this but it was enough. So new account was made and we are where we are today, trying to post interesting photos in some kind of logical order and trying not to lose followers at a drastically fast rate.


I feel I need to stop and NOT compare our travels with others or I will never continue writing. I also need to NOT compare my social media with others as they have been around a lot longer than myself and its all about patience and perseverance.

I started the blog to write down all our travels and memories and if anyone found my posts interesting or helpful that was a major plus. I know there will always be someone who will have seen more, travelled more, visited more and taken amazing photos… and that’s ok.

I will keep telling myself its ok and I might even convince myself one day!

Even comparing our travels to that of my friend I remind myself that I would not change anything about the places we have gone or the things that we have seen. In my opinion she is incredibly brave and the type of person I admire who can take the plunge and move her whole life to these distant places and is thoroughly enjoy herself.

I must remember that me and Nick on the other hand both work full time which makes travelling a luxury and not our lifestyle (unfortunately), this is where the difference is.

Our four day holidays are perfect for us, we can get away up to 4 times a year, even 5 (like last year) and only booking 2 days off work each time.

We are not history buffs, we don’t travel too far from civilisation and we wouldn’t choose hiking, backpacking or hostels but that’s just our preference. Don’t get me wrong, I truly admire anyone who does, but that’s just not us. We’re not that type of traveller, it’s not what makes us travel, which is a good thing or otherwise we’d all be visiting the same places.

At the moment we are enjoying our four day mini holidays across Europe and we’ve still got plenty to see there. One day who knows where our travels will take us, but for now we are Europe bound.

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2 thoughts on “Trying not to compare…

  1. Comparison is the thief of joy. Enjoy your travels–remember how lucky you are to get to see the world, and it’s even more awesome that you get to share YOUR experience with others; it’s a gift. x

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