After a great breakfast and waiting at the bus stop in the massive queue we finally got on the bus and was riding along the coast. We arrived in scorching Monte Carlo and our first thought was where to start?

Nick had already visited both Nice and Monaco a few months beforehand so had a rough idea of where certain spots were and places to go. We spent most of the morning just walking around and doing a loop, this was however slow going due to the heat of the day.

The bus to Monte Carlo was 3 euros each way (1.50 euros each) from Nice. 

When we started struggling to catch our breath at midday, the hottest part of the day, we made our way down to the harbour to see the yachts. A perfect place to catch a leisurely lunch and yacht watch. Thankfully the seating area was outside in the shade and had spray fans in the roof which periodically blasted a cool spray downwards – bliss. Pancakes with fruit finished our experience, imagining what we would do if we could ever afford one of the luxurious yachts in the harbour.

Before we knew it, it was time to make a move into the heat once more. We followed the track of the Grand Prix around the city, in the tunnel and the famous hairpin. A few months before when Nick had first visited the barriers from the Grand Prix were still up and you could get a real feel for how the cars would roar through the tunnel. The many supercars however gave you a pretty good idea of just how loud and impressive the cars would be on Grand Prix days.

We then, as you must ‘when in Monte Carlo’, made our way to the Casino! We ventured into the Casino Nick and his friends had visited before and dabbled in the roulette wheel. We avoided the slots as I don’t know how to play them and neither does Nick, theres no point actively giving your money away is there? I would class our visit as a positive as I came out of the casino up from what I had taken in with me, I know I was not down as I am apparently a cautious gambler it appears.

Shopping was not high on our agenda as I didn’t feel I would fit in with shops such as Gucci and Valentino which lined the street. We did however have a quick wander in the shopping centre just off of the main square, most of these were not as ‘high end’

After a stroll through Jardin du Casino, a park in Casino square, we made our way to the bus stop and ventured back to Nice.

We had a great day in Monte Carlo, but the heat was just too much when we head back later on this year I’ll be sure to be prepared so we can fully enjoy our time there.

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Read about the rest of our time in Nice here.


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