Continuing our Scandinavian Adventure it seems only right to go in the order we travelled in soo… our next big trip was Gothenburg, Sweden, a beautiful place with so much to see!

Hot chocolates, cafes, tram travelling, park viewing and good food. We packed in a lot in our 4 days, so much so that I don’t know how best to fit it all into this post.

A special mention has to go to the Universeum, which was initially meant as a time filler but ended up being one of the most interesting museums we have been too. You could not only be an astronaut but also visit a rain forest and go back in time to the ice age. I would, without a doubt, class this as a must do!

The theme park, Liseberg, was one of the biggest draws when choosing between here over the better known Stockholm. Despite one of the rides constantly breaking down on the opening day and rain throughout the day it could easily rival an English theme park. Balder, a giant wooden rollercoaster with an almost vertical first drop, was hands down our favourite ride of the day.

Tip – Avoid this ride when it is hailing! The hail started near the end of the day and I must say high speeds and hail do not mix. Ouch!

Slottskogen was a short ride away on the tram and was a large park full of large open spaces and a mini zoo of animals. Most of the park is up steep hills which was difficult at times even for two 20 year olds, so flat shoes, drinks and energy are a must!

Tip – Most corner shops will display in the window if they sell travel cards which can be used on all transport, trams, buses etc.

This park was beautiful and one of MY highlights as after walking around aimlessly and my hope dwindling, it was where we saw moose!! It may not have been in the wild but it was lovely to see them so close and with plenty of room. I may have been a little bit more excited than Nick… only slightly. As Nick now fully understands, since the first mention of maybe seeing them in Norway, I love moose! They look so odd and gangly and yet amazing – biased… I know.

One last place I nearly forgot about was the beautiful park just around the corner from our hotel with the longest name – Trädgårdsföreningen. It was a great place to sit and relax after a day of walking, especially near the fountain with a drink or look around at the art sculptures.

Just further up the road was the main street full of shops and restaurants. This was where we ventured most evenings to search for a place to eat. On our last day we had booked into the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, which has become a bit of a tradition whenever there is one close by. However, in Gothenburg, there were three places we visited which stand out to me, even now.

1. Beerista

A small pub style bar and restaurant, tucked out of the way off the main street. The food may not be classed as adventurous but you always knew what you were getting – great food for a great price. On another night we even ventured back for evening cocktails.

2. Holy Cow

A cosy quaint restaurant with giant American style food and portion size! It is located just opposite the Universeum on the other side of the road. You will most likely need to book as it was busy every time we went past, we had booked a table and still had to wait. We were then moved to a smaller one when they made a mistake with the tables! From this point we were forgotten about as we were up by the bar, but I try and think of the 15 minutes we spent by the window with the fairy lights prior to the move.

3. Avenyn No1/Buenos Aires Argentine Steakhouse

After pacing the main street full of restaurants, we ended up here. After a small wait we were sat in the cosy conservatory to the front of the restaurant. Despite not being large portions the food was beautifully presented and tasted amazing.

Nick was in his element, as for long as I have known him he has wanted to learn Swedish. He already had a few phrases but his learning got a real boost when Sweden was chosen as our next destination. After mastering enough Swedish to help navigate around, we found the most helpful and common tourist phrase was ‘do you speak English?’ or ‘talar du engelska?’ to which we were always greeted with a smile and a ‘why didn’t you say you were english!’.

Gothenburg has to be one of our favourite places we have visited, I feel part of that is because Nick has a soft spot for Sweden. However, we found there was so much to do and everything was so interesting, there was not one attraction as such which didn’t exceed our expectations. We always talk about going back to Gothenburg further down the line as well as Stockholm.

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