The first stop on our holiday adventures was Oslo, Norway.

Our first holiday…together. Just me and him. Now they say you don’t know a person until you live with them, well a holiday is considered a crash course.

We had arrived at that point in our lives where you have to start thinking of the future, with plans of growing up and moving in together looming, we thought now is the time to do what we want before we have responsibilities.

Our usual plan is – save on flights and splurge on hotel. So start as you mean to go on.

We couldn’t believe our luck when we arrived in Oslo at our Radisson Blu Plaza hotel and got our first glimpse of our room. Not only did we have great views over the harbour we also had a bed right slap bang in the middle of the room… Pretty fancy!

With only 4 days we were determined to make the most of it however this was very slightly skewed when I fell ill as soon as we got there. Despite putting limitations on how far we could go and spending a lot of our time in the room making the most of the Norwegian TV shows, we still managed to sightsee… just in smaller doses.

Some of our favourite places we visited included:

Oslo Opera House

We visited on the first and last day, but funnily enough never went inside, we always just ended up walking over it! You can get great views over the harbour and the boats.

The Royal Palace


Tip – visit at 1.30pm to catch the changing of the guard.

We, as it happened, got there just as the changing of the guards was taking place. I would highly recommend visiting at this time as it is quite a ceremony to watch.

The Natural History Museum

As we well know now, from experience, a Natural history museum will 99% of the time include some form of taxidermy – some better than others! However, we always find these museums are a staple place to visit and were not disappointed.

Now with any museum there were some… oddities. One which comes to mind was a large tube with what I can only describe as peep holes, each one filled with a more questionable image the higher you got!

Vigeland Park

Tip – visit in the afternoon as it seemed to be quieter time and so you could get closer to the statues plus the sunset makes for great photos.

A beautiful park with very interesting sculptures. The detail of some of the statues are not easily seen first time round.

Most places to see were nearby or at most a 15/20 minute walk and with the help of Google maps they were relatively easy to find. Finding our way back to our hotel couldn’t have been easier also, as being one of the taller buildings meant we could always see it over the top. The walks to or from were sometimes just as good as the place, with art and sculptures dotted around on the street corners and bridges.

Our last night was spent up on the 34th floor with 360º views and cocktails (I had begun to recover…obviously).

Overall Oslo is one of the places we now say we’d love to go back too, not only see the things we missed but also because we enjoyed our time.

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