A big and hearty hello to anyone reading this, my first post. I’m going to get straight to the point and try not to waffle on too much… why am I starting this blog? and now?

Over the last few years me and my boyfriend, Nick, have been on a bit of a European tour/holiday indulgence. So far in 2 short years we have visited Iceland, Italy, Estonia, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and back again while always planning our next trip.

Our ‘unofficial’ motto.

“I would rather have lots of little 4 day holidays, than 2 weeks once a year” 

Us together in Rome

I have enjoyed all of them but it was only when we came back from Iceland I started thinking, “I wish I had known BLANK before we went”. Little tips and blogs I had read had not fully prepared us quite as well as we had thought. We spent the whole first night frantically booking all our excursions, as little did we know everything gets booked up – quick!

That’s when I thought I would love to not only write about our travels but hopefully pass on some of our thoughts and little tips along the way. I’d hope we have had enough adventures now under our belts to call ourselves part time city breakers?

I think, even if only one person reads one post and thinks…

‘I’d love to go there’, ‘I’ve never thought of going there’ or ‘that’s a good idea’ I feel it will have all been worth writing.

Happy reading!

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